Airtel Reverses Intrusive Privacy Policy After Online Campaign By India’s LGBTQ+ Community

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On October 8th, 2020, Bharti Airtel Limited updated its Privacy Policy which stated that:
    •    Airtel could collect data related to customer’s Sexual Orientation, Sex-life, Political, Religious and Philosophical beliefs, Health, Genetics, Biometrics, Race, Ethnicity, Passwords, Financial data (like Bank account, credit/debit card), Trade Union membership, and Physiological data.
    •    Airtel could share this data with its employees and third parties including sub-contractors, consultants, and other affiliated organizations.
    •    Airtel could share this data with Government agencies and other authorised law enforcement agencies for prevention, investigation and punishment of crimes.
    •    Airtel could collect this data when customers use its services, websites, apps, or via your other interactions with Airtel.
    •    Airtel could stop providing services if a customer did not allow the company to obtain and use this sensitive personal data.
    •    If Airtel systems are hacked, Airtel would not take the responsibility for any data leaks. Airtel put the burden of this risk on the customers.

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