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We came across this story on Quora. Happy to share here.

Yesterday, I came out to my mom as lesbian! This is how it went:

I had come home from school and my mom was the only one home. She asked me how my day was and I responded with saying it was fine. Usually if she wants to know about my day, she has to ask a lot of questions to actually get a response out of me.

Eventually, she casually said “Do you have a crush? A boyfriend? … Girlfriend?” My heart started to pound in my chest and I had a giant urge to just tell her right then and there that I’m lesbian.

I answered her by stuttering “Well, uh, actually, uh—” and then said that I would be right back. Usually when I have to say something important to my mom but can’t say it because I know I would cry, I would write it down on a piece of paper and give her it.

I gave her the note of me saying I was lesbian. My hands were shaking and tears were rolling down my face. I watched her slowly read the note and when she finished it, she said “I thought so.” Lol.

All in all, she supports me. It feels great to get all of that stuff off your chest. Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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