Coming Out

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While planning to come out, especially in a country like India, we have to analyse situations from different perspectives. Let’s talk about coming out to ourselves first. Now, there’s no particular age or time to come out, no one size fits all. Sometimes, our identity gets hidden so deep inside us that it takes time to find it. It could be about your gender identity or sexuality or both. 

Sometimes, people realise their identity at a very young age and other times, it depends on certain incidents that put us at a spot where we can begin to see ourselves clearly. If you’ve just started exploring, it would be advisable to not get to any conclusions immediately. 

Cinema, books, art or porn, it can be anything that helps you find it. Once you’ve explored your identity, it is advisable to try and become independent if you have the means to proper education and then plan to come out. The reaction of our biological families can be very unpredictable, so one should be well prepared in advance not just for the financial aspect but also for the emotional one. 

Find queer support groups in your city on As You Are. There are also some shelter homes to find temporary accomodation for a while. It is of utmost importance to keep resources handy before coming out so that if one falls back, they have means to get out of the situation. If one is accidentally out by someone else when they weren’t prepared for it in the first place, they will have to take a call based on the current situation. 

Some people also try to show their family about various interviews and cinema that talks about identities and observe their response to it. If you can, you should see a mental health professional around the time you come out as the process can be very tedious at times. 

We truly hope to see a world where coming out as your true self isn’t a challenge for anyone and it only eases the battle that they are fighting on the inside. 

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  1. Sometimes we can show our true selves to our fans and siblings…and as for parents, we get scared it’s like we know it will hurt them and it’s so hard to convince them… In my case, everyone knows except for my parents and relatives… Yup, I was in pg so I didn’t share this thing with my pg mates… The place where I stay is surrounded by lots of rules and not one person ever opens out I guess I’m the only one🤫… But ya I choose to be who I’m and when the time comes I will stand up for myself, and try to convince my parents.