Common Mistakes Gay Men Make in the World of Dating

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Finding the gentleman you’ve been dreaming of all your life and keeping him are two different things. If you have a gay best friend or are gay, you might be able to recognize the different parts of dating. Dating can be tough at times. And, being vulnerable to someone you care about and maybe even love may mean you make mistakes along the way and possibly experience hurt. Here at As You Are, we went ahead to identify some gay dating mistakes that you’ve been making for years without realizing it. Read on to find out whether you’ve experienced any of these mistakes or if you’re just about to make any of them.

Compromising on the things that matter
Always compromising for a long-term relationship isn’t the best thing to do. When you’re getting into a relationship, you should do so with someone who wants the same things as you, especially when it comes to aspects that will prove to be significant deal breakers. It’s not fair on your partner or yourself if you aren’t in agreement. Make sure you discuss everything you think is important in your future so you can avoid resentment or damage to the relationship in the future. It’s much easier to enjoy a long-term relationship when you know deal-breakers are out of the way.

Lack of Communication
Whether gay or heterosexual, men find it hard to talk about their emotions. Problems are inevitable when two guys aren’t able to present their feelings and explain where they think the relationship is headed. The key to breaking this cycle is to prevent yourself from going back into your cave and acknowledging your emotions and what you feel towards your partner and the relationship. Keep in mind that this is the same way you woo the man you love. You have to try as much as you can to give in to your affections and reap from the benefits doing this will come with. 

Defining the relationship too early
True, new relationships bear with them some excitement. And while it’s human nature to want to explore and enjoy all the hopes and dreams you carry for your new relationship, you’ve got to try as much as you can to get your head out of the clouds and be cool. It’s important that you and your man take enough time to get to know each other better before you become exclusive. You cannot be sure that your values are in alignment without the experience of getting to know your partner.
It’s very easy to get carried away pretty quickly with the thought of an exciting Happily Ever After. So, you must keep your cool, find out how your lover handles difficult experiences, treats other people, or what’s important to him. Even so, getting to know your partner early on gives you a more accurate understanding of how to measure the quality of your relationship and how it may turn out. 

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