Giovannis Room- Book Review

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Giovanni’s Room is a short novel whose main character is an American man, David who goes on a trip to Paris. When he goes, his girlfriend, a girl called Hella is in Spain thinking about a marriage proposal from David. While in Paris, David gets into a bar and meets an Italian man (Giovanni), and falls in love with him. 
For a while, the two men live together in the small, disorderly space that is Giovanni’s room. Their relationship is just like the room- enclosed and disorderly. While Giovanni wholeheartedly gives himself to his lover, David has convinced himself that two men cannot possibly benefit from being together and is still reluctant about the relationship. 
David doesn’t love Giovanni as he would wish and this eats him up inside. While they’re together, he cannot love Giovanni freely, yet when they’re apart, he cannot stop thinking about him. He is consumed by thoughts of Hella and what would happen if he were to leave her for Giovanni. He also considers what the future would look like if he were to stay with Giovanni.

David is also troubled by memories of his childhood home: he wonders if one can ever return to the place where they grew up and still feel welcome, or if they eventually wander from who they were. It’s an intriguing take on what constitutes a home. Is it the people or the location? 
What about the comfort of things we’re used to? His failure to narrow down exactly where it is, who he is in regards to who he once was, and why any of this matters adds to his introspective dilemma. How can he take that path and want to love Giovanni if he has no idea who he is? David is afraid of not only failing, but also of deciding what will define him. Decisions shape a man, but only if he isn’t too afraid to make them.
This is something to which anyone can relate. We seem to have something we’d like to try but are too afraid to do so. And if you don’t have something you’re scared of trying, you should be applauded (and envied); we common folk need novels like this to remind us that life can be incredibly grim when we focus much more on the all-powerful “what if?” Giovanni’s Room is a heartwrenching story about a man who is too afraid to live.

It’s a novel about how fear of the unknown can prevent us from living. And its message is so intriguing that it may make you fear fear itself.   It is the wake-up call we all need. It isn’t possible to cover how amazing this book is with simple words, and one has to read it for themselves to truly understand what it has to offer. This book is a recommendation to anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, your gender, race, sexual orientation, or your position in life. 
If you read it, it will leave you with something that you can apply on your daily life and even if you don’t gain anything, it is a good book to enjoy.

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