How Do I Know If I’m Lesbian Or Sexually Curious?

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There’s usually one very obvious answer to your question if you’re wondering whether you’re a lesbian: you are a woman attracted to women and have physical intimacy or sex with them. However, this single answer has the potential of undermining or ignoring someone’s personal journey of self exploration. 
Not every single lesbian woman woke up and knew straight away that they were lesbian. Being lesbian includes a process or a journey that begins with letting go of familial as well as societal expectations. It also involves figuring out what you like and love and being aware of yourself.

Are you wondering whether you’re just sexually curious or lesbian? Read on to discover how to tell.

You’re attracted to women

Being attracted to women is usually one of the obvious signs that you might be a lesbian. But, you might also be bisexual. The only way for you to find out is to explore your attractions in real life. You could be attracted to the woman you like either because you admire her and you want to be like her rather that having something intimate with her. 

You fantasize about women

Straight women fantasize about lesbian porn all the time. That doesn’t make them lesbians. It only means that they’re horny and curious and it’s normal because they’re human beings. But, if you keep thinking about predominantly being with another woman, you could be a lesbian.

You keep checking out women

Do you find yourself lingering to check out women as they pass you down the street? You could be a lesbian. Acknowledging other women as you walk past them doesn’t mean anything, but turning to have a better view of their butt or their form could mean you’re a lesbian.

You’re comfortable hanging out around lesbians

Do you feel at home when in a group of lesbian friends? Do you feel like you want to cut your hair so you can look “butch”? This basically shows that you like lesbian culture and the reason is that you might be one too.

Men aren’t sexy

It is possible for a lesbian to think a man is attractive. But, they might not think that he’s sexy. Just because you think the man is attractive doesn’t mean you want to have sex with them.

You have a different ending for all the romantic comedies you watch

While other people watch romantic comedies because of the promise of a happy ending, you have a different plan worked out altogether. While watching, you secretly hope that the heroine of the show leaves the guy and realizes that she’s always been in love with her best friend!

You’ve been questioning online and in different communities

Are you always online trying to research on things like “how do I know I’m a lesbian”, or “am I a lesbian”, then chances are you already know that you aren’t straight. You’re evaluating your sexual orientation and you might just be a lesbian.

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