I Am Movie Review- Onir

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The movie “I Am”, directed by Onir has been featured in different film festivals for the right reasons. The foundation of this movie allows it to intrigue audiences beyond its release date. While the movie is made for mainstream release, it appeals more to a niche audience that are drawn to films that aren’t comfortable and offer you the chance to think deeper as the drama unfolds.

The director has kept true to the narrative of the movie and this makes it a must watch for people who like to revel in different stories told together. The most striking thing about this movie is that it isn’t a conventional movie used for entertainment. Most of the scenes for this movie are in locations in Kashmir, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkota, which adds to the visual appeal of the movie. 

The most beautiful thing about this movie is that the four stories that make up the plot of the narrative aren’t stretched more than they should be. One of the best stories in the movie is the final one. The story involves two men, played by Arjun Mathur, and Rahul Bose. Their love story involves a shared laugh here and there as well as a lip lock.

However, all this is put aside once the cop Abhimanyu Singh comes into the picture and the events after that become shocking. Despite the seriousness of a different story, that involving Purab Kohli and Nandita Das, the movie still manages to light up your face with a smile for at least 30 minutes. The proceedings of the movie are kept light hearted with Purab’s discomfort when the nurse asks him about his three day fast and his infatuation with Nandita.

The most casual story isn’t as high-impact as all the other ones in the movie. It is the one involving Manisha Koirala and Juhi Chawla. These two actresses seem to be limited by the “comeback” which could be due to the short time of 30 minutes given to them which is a limitation to character development.

One of the themes of the movie which is Muslims and Hindus both losing their independence due to the Kashmir militancy is a good direction but isn’t heart rendering or hard hitting. The story of Anurag Kayshap and Sanjay Suri is full of silences. However, Onir limits the element of paedophilia in a rather smart way and the audience doesn’t feel uncomfortable about what is happening on the screen. Numerous scenes of the movie are a nod to “The Great Indian Butterfly” which is a reminder about a youth who is confused about his sexuality.

The tracks in the film are well thought out and each of them matches the scenes they’re set in. Performances by most of the actors are well done with the top honours going to Sanjay Suri, Nandita Das, and Abhimanyu Singh. 

To be honest, the movie “I Am” isn’t a family movie. But, it is still a movie worth watching.

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