In LGBTQ dating who generally pays?

lgbtq community matchmaking

This should be the last concern in our minds as we seek out for equality in everyday life. Who pays? Any one of the partners or even both can go Dutch.

The final product is much more important—how happy were you with dating this partner? Was there any issues that made you uncomfortable. Did you experience feelings of patriarchy or even extreme feminism? Look out for humanism instead. It is very important to catch these vibes.

Catch each nuances as you are there with your partner while being sensitive towards the other’s needs. See if you share the same interests and ideologies in life. Maybe it’s just a physical attraction, never mind, enjoy the chemistry while it lasts. Remember in a long term relationship there are many more dates to have and much more to discover before you decide to settle down as partners. And most importantly paying for the first date should never be a patronising act.

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