Is a Premium Account for You?

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Online dating is – exactly like real dating – a numbers game. Finding someone (or someones, for the poly and open among us) with whom we can have lasting compatibility can be tricky, and unless we live in a really large, bustling city, the number of people we can reach can be small. Dating can be like swimming around and around in a small goldfish bowl. After a while, you’ve met all the other fish, and all the other fish have met you. 

On As You Are, the free accounts that most of us use allow us to meet and connect with people who live within our own area – which is great if you’re in Dehradun (for example), looking for someone in Dehradun. Geography and city can matter, and make a huge cultural common ground between people. 

For those of you who need a wider range of people to meet and interact with, however, a Premium account might be the solution. A Premium account on AYA offers us a wider range of profiles to choose from – we can see people from across the country, and this obviously gives us more choice, variety, and options. 

A Premium account also lets us send images on chat, which is a nice feature for sharing those unmissable memes, showing off your sweet doggies, or sending a thirst trap 😉 The upgraded accounts also allow us to see who viewed our profile (always good to know who’s interested!) and allows a preview of matches, and ways in which our profiles show compatible answers in the bio. 

So a Premium account can deepen our experience in multiple ways – first, it widens our reach across the country and shows us the gamut of people we can meet on the app and perhaps even in real life. Chats become more fun, and allow for more sharing – whether seriously, or just for fun. Knowing who viewed our profiles is a great way to exercise both caution and curiosity; a match preview can give us succinct information quickly, allowing us to decide how we want to spend our time with a particular profile. 

Our engagement on dating apps like AYA is entirely in our hands – it requires investments of time and patience. A Premium account might be what you need on your journey – check out the features and see if they work for you!

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