Is There Biphobia in the LGBTQ+ Community and What Can We Do to Stop it?

Is There Biphobia in the LGBTQ+ Community and What Can We Do to Stop it?
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While there have been great strides by the LGBT community to overcome prejudice and inequality, it’s unfortunate that there are microaggressions amongst bisexual people within the same community. Many bisexual people believe that the LGBT community discredits them for being “straight-passing” or looking straight in public.
Bisexuality, according to gay and lesbian people, discredits the essence of pride and the struggles of queer history. Bisexual people are frequently asked inappropriately about their sexuality and whether or not they will ever “choose a side”.
They may also be labeled “greedy” since they are attracted to different genders.  This can be exceedingly damaging to a bisexual person’s identity, since it can lead to internalized monosexism and bisexual repression.

How Do We Stop Biphobia?
Learn the Bisexual History
It’s not only biphobic, racist, and transphobic to ignore the role that bisexual people—particularly transgender and black bi people—have played in the LGBTQ+ movement from the beginning; it’s also ahistoric. It wasn’t just white gay men who were at the forefront of the movement. Bisexual, transgender, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) people are frequently ignored in the media.

Recognize Biphobic Statements and Attitudes
Next, become aware of any biases you may have against bi+ persons that are founded on myths and misconceptions. You don’t want to date a bi+ person because you’re afraid they’ll cheat on you? That’s a biphobic attitude. You don’t want to date someone bi+ because you’re afraid they’ll give you a STI more easily than your monosexual partners? Biphobia strikes once more. Are you concerned that you won’t be enough for someone bi+? There’s more biphobia. Once you recognize when prejudices arise, you can take steps to ensure that they do not influence your actions.

Don’t Believe that Bisexuality Promotes the Binary
The belief that bisexuality promotes the gender binary, or that there are only two genders: men and women, is one of the most damaging and pervasive fallacies about bisexuality. That isn’t the case; bisexuality is a whole and fluid identity. Don’t imagine that bisexuality is binary in nature or that we have “two” sides or that to be happy human beings, we must be associated with both genders at the same time. In fact, don’t make the mistake of assuming there are just two genders.” Unfortunately, this notion persists, contributing to biphobia throughout the LGBTQ+ community.

Call Out Biphobia
Once you’ve identified and began to resolve your own biphobia, you’ll be able to spot other people who are biphobic, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. After that, summon them. It can’t only be our bi+ persons who react to incidents of biphobia.  Bisexuals defend lesbians and gays if anyone said something overtly homophobic or lesbophobic, so gay and lesbian people should do the same for biphobia.
One biphobic comment can make bi+ persons feel unsafe and unwelcome in any community and just one person speaking out against it can make a tremendous difference.