Kochi trans woman harassed and beaten up for selling biriyani

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Over the last three months, Kochi-based trans woman Sajana Shaji was pulling through the pandemic by cooking and selling biriyani. She had taken loans from grocery stores and meat shops to cook and sell the biriyani. Despite the struggle, Sajana had even managed to offer employment to four other trans women, two women, and a few youths who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

On Monday, Sajana says that she had cooked and packed 150 packets of biriyani and 20 meals, but could only sell 20 biriyani packets. This as a man identified as Gireesh, who sold dried fish opposite to them turned away Sajana’s clients by spreading rumours about the quality of her food. He and other men even beat up and abused the trans women, says Sajana in her video.

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