Movie Review: The Panti Sisters- Jun Lana

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The movie The Panti Sisters manages to top the fine line between mainstream and indie movies. It is a movie that can be appreciated by all types of audiences will get what they want from this thought-provoking yet entertaining movie about the LGBTQ+ community and family.

The film is about ultra conservative millionaire Don Emilio Panti and his three sons who have all come out as gay. Don Emilio calls all his heirs home to offer them an inheritance in exchange for giving him a successor to his family name. The offer on the table is 300 million pesos and the siblings try to outdo each other to get to it.

The three Panti siblings are portrayed by the film as flamboyant gays. However, there’s something more special they bring to The Panti Sisters with some well-placed comic relief. There are a lot of green joked and crass humor weaved into the script to make things a little more vibrant from the start. Even so, the script manages to connect the characters to the audience as people that are struggling to gain love and acceptance rather than fictitious stereotypes and cardboard cutouts. 

This is most likely due to the strong film cast that of Gabriel, Daniel, and Samuel that come across as relatable and rootable characters. The script itself is amazing and has plenty of humor and depth which is why the team bonds so well together and brings everything about their characters into place.

The film starts with good momentum that it effortlessly maintains for the first three quarters until it gets to the ultimate bonding moment of the sisters. The co-stars each bring their best to the movie yet also give each other time to shine. They also manage to convey their emotions to the audience with simple gestures that portray their sincerity. Samuel is one of the best characters of the film and showcases talent that’s way ahead of his years. He has shown the uncanny ability to draw from his own emotions and breathe life into his scenes and make everything he says and does feel so real. 

While the focus is on the Panti sisters, John Arcilla (Don Emilio) manages to steal the show towards the end of the film when he delivers his dialogue. He clearly showcases his skill and how he can deliver to any role he is given while still making audiences relate to his role as a parent. Just a short warning that he seems pretty callous and cold at the beginning of the movie.

The supporting characters have also helped to build a finished picture to the flesh of the Panti sisters. The starting parts of the movie, through the help of the script manage to bring to light the position of the LGBTQIA+ community with dialogue in a subtle way. However, there are plenty of extended speeches of How the community needs to be seen or how it’s viewed by the church. 

Overall, the movie is an excellent watch and will bring you strong messages of finding love, being yourself, acceptance, and family.

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