My Partner Came Out as Trans. What Do I Do?

My Partner Came Out as Trans. What Do I Do?
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For anyone, coming out as transgender can be a life-defining moment. Nevertheless, keep in mind that they have finally worked up the courage to tell you who they are and like other life-changing moments, this one deserves some celebration too. When your partner chooses to come out to you as transgender, your reaction can make a big difference. 

Remember that their gender identity isn’t a choice they’ve made, but your reaction to their news is. Naturally, you might feel some confusion about the future of your relationship and question how you fit into the equation. However, it’s vital that you focus on your partner for now. The best thing you could do for them right now is to show them love, respect, and be tactful with your words and actions.

Be honest with yourself

The first thing you want to do when your partner comes out as trans to you is to practice some selfcare. As we mentioned earlier, you’re bound to feel some confusion or emotions after their announcement. Once you have recognized what you feel, be honest about your wants and needs. 

Ensure you’re comfortable about the decisions that you want to male foe the future. Think about whether or not you are willing or even able to support your partner through their transition. If they aren’t ready to make any changes yet, you still cannot ignore what you feel. 

Remember that this is a crucial step because even if you are scared about the future of your relationship, the only reason you should stay with someone is because you genuinely love them. If you’re a cisgender heterosexual female and your partner wants to transition to match their female identity, you might have questions about what it would mean for your own identity. 

Would you have to identify as gay if you stayed with your partner. These are all valid question for whatever sexual orientation or gender identity you are so make sure you keep an open mind to explore them. Remember that no one expects you to change your own identity just because your partner has.

Do research on your own

Ok, so maybe you’ve thought about it and you feel like you want to be with your partner no matter what and be with them for their transition no matter what it looks like. The next thing you should do is to educate yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of the LGBT community or not. 

Surely, not everyone knows everything there is to know about other identities and orientations. Even if you think you know something, do some research. If not for yourself, then at least for your partner. Start with some research about what it means to transition, and what it would mean for your partner. 

Learn more about surgery options and hormonal replacement therapy and how they could change your partners life. If they’re ready to explore either of these options and you want to walk the journey with them, these are the things you should consider. Lastly, you can learn to be a transgender ally and what it means by joining support groups for transgender people, their families, and their loved ones. This will allow you to have a safe space where you can meet people like you and find a community.

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