Myths About Bisexuality That Aren’t True

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There are a lot of myths and preconceptions surrounding the entire LGBT community. However, bisexual people usually have to deal with myths that are unique to them. Sometimes, they face discrimination outside of the LGBT community and from within it. 
Learning more about who we are is important. But, it’s also vital to learn about other people so we can be respectful and know how to interact with them. With that being said, let’s challenge some of the myths surrounding bisexuality.

Myth: Bisexuality is a period or phase someone has to go through before they identify as gay or lesbian.

While some people may identify as bisexual before they identify as lesbian, gay, or something else, there are those who may identify as straight before they come out as LGBT. There are also those that may identify as gay or lesbian before identifying as bisexual. We should be aware of the fact that sexual orientation to some people may be fluid and change at different points in their life. 

Myth: Bisexual people are confused because they can’t make up their minds.

 Just like being gay or lesbian, being bisexual is not a choice that people make so it doesn’t have anything to do with making up your mind. Being bisexual is a normal thing so bisexual people don’t have to make up their mind. 

Myth: There aren’t any men bisexuals but all women are bisexual.

Most people believe in the stereotype that only women are sexually fluid and that men aren’t. But, this isn’t true at all. The bisexual community is made up of both women and men.

Myth: You have to be with more than one gender if you want to identify as bisexual.

Most people always know they’re bisexual even before they get physical or have sex with someone else.  You don’t have to have been with both male and female partners for you to identify as bisexual. Just like how people have an idea that they’re gay, straight, or lesbians from a young age, bisexuals also know what they identify with before they get into a relationship.

Myth: The only way to be bisexual is to like two genders the same.

There are bisexual people who are mostly attracted to women, as well as those that are attracted to men mostly. The only thing that is similar for most bisexual people is that they’re attracted to both female and male genders. Some bisexual people are also equally attracted to both genders.

Myth:  Bisexual people are promiscuous and always have multiple partners.

There are many bisexual people who are perfectly satisfied in loving, monogamous relationships. There are some who are also married to one partner. Straight, lesbian, and gay people sometimes have multiple relationships, and bisexual relationships are also diverse and varied.

Myth: Bisexual people are the least discriminated in the LGBT community. 

The truth is, there are many times when bisexual people lack the necessary visibility in gay and lesbian communities. In fact, they get the same type of discrimination as lesbian and gay people. 

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