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With technology progressing and dating apps helping people to build relationships and find love on virtual platforms, the world of dating is changing rapidly. Especially if I talk about dating and dating apps in India, not only bringing awareness about dating culture but also dropping cool features like in-app calling, virtual dating in the times of COVID-19, and also connecting people from different locations and of different sexual orientations. Today I’m going to share my experience with AYA- AS YOU ARE India’s latest home-grown dating app for LGBTQIA+ Community, which was launched this year in June 2020. 

As the name says “AS YOU ARE” the app gives you the freedom of finding love and a potential partner by giving you a safe place to flaunt your gender expression and your orientation with pride, also gives the freedom to choose multiple options for interested in opening the gateway to the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The app verifies each and every single profile in order to eliminate any fake profiles ensuring complete safety and privacy of its users, contrary to other dating platforms that might fail to identify fake profiles and have too many spam accounts on their platforms. Unlike the rest dating apps, AYA offers more to the dating culture by keeping you updated with all quirky and LGBTQIA trending topics and blogs, I read the 5 ways to prepare for Coming Out in India and 7 Marvel Movie Characters belonging to the LGBTQIA spectrum.

AYA also gives you an option to add multiple interests and helps in matching with your ideal partner based on your preferences as compared to other key market players. AYA is India’s rapidly growing dating app in a short span of time helping people to connect with each other from the community evolving the dating culture into meaningful relationships in India.

I believe there are few suggestions which can make AYA more successful and user friendly for the community by adding the GIF in the chat section to keep up the conversation and to save ourselves from awkward replies, uploading multiple pictures, intriguing questions and answers in the personality trait section which flows the chat and yes making the text and color scheme of the app soothing to eyes to make it more user friendly.

Overall, I personally love the idea and the initiative taken by the AYA team which solely focuses on the Indian LGBTQIA+ culture promoting Make In India, unlike the rest international market players focusing just on cashing out on the premium subscriptions with less focus on the emerging LGBTQIA+ community. It’s a must dating app you should be on if you belong to LGBTQIA+ community in India, dating online has never been this easy!


Riyam Jain

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