Stop Queerphobic Content Everywhere

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Google as a brand supports and promotes inclusivity but there are several YouTube videos, which are promoting Queerphobic content. This has a negative impact of years of hard work that various activists and LGBTQ welfare organisations have put to change the way society thinks about LGBTQ individuals.
All thanks to our activists, local and global organisations, section 377 was abolished.
We as community need to work together to put an end to Queerphobia.

How can you help?

Here’s a list of Queerphobic YouTube videos from Indian YouTubers shared with us by some of you.
1. Copy one of the links from this list.
2. Paste it in the comments on this Tweet by Google India which talks about making the World More inclusive:…/status/1308670155791065088
3. Ask Google to stop hosting Queer-negative content, use the hashtag #StopQueerphobia
To know more about why we running this campaign encouraging Google/YouTube to act, you can watch the video that we shared recently on this Page about how YouTube pays crores of rupees to creators who post such content that spreads negativity against the LGBTQIA+ community.

यहाँ भारतीय यूटूबर्स के क्वीयरफोबिक यूटूब वीडियो की सूची दी गई है।
1. इस सूची में से किसी एक लिंक को कॉपी करें।
2. गूगल इंडिया द्वारा इस ट्वीट पर टिप्पणी में पेस्ट करें जो विश्व को और अधिक समावेशी बनाने की बात करता है:…/status/1308670155791065088
3. गूगल को अपने प्लेटफ़ॉर्म पर क्वीर-नेगेटिव वीडियो की अनुमति देने से रोकने के लिए कहें। हैशटैग
#StopQueerphobia का उपयोग करें
Visit the following link for the entire list.

AsYouAre supports this initiative by “Yes, We Exist”.

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