The Benefits of Legalizing Same Sex Relationships

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We are already aware that the LGBT community will reap a great deal where there’s legalization of same sex marriages or relationships. However, the benefits that may occur as a result of this event are not only limited to this community. One of the aspects we should be thinking of is what benefits will legalizing same sex marriages or relationships bring to the wider society.

Since most laws and policies are supported by the majority, which are heterosexual, it is, therefore, essential that the LGBT community does its part in ensuring the masses are educated on what the benefits of legalizing same sex relationships will do for the community as a whole.

Living in a More Accepting Society

When a society is less discriminatory and more affirming to the LGBT community, everyone benefits. A better society means that not only can social minorities such as LGBTQ can attain their rights; but it also paves way for cultural, political, and other minorities to attain their rights. Genuine efforts towards LGBT liberation can make way for a more suitable and stable society.

Legalizing same sex relationships reduces the likelihood of homophobia and violence towards the community. Heterosexual allies may also experience different forms of violence for being supporters of the LGBT community. The stigma and violence exerted on the LGBT community will be reduced and the society will adopt more democratic behaviours once gay marriages and relationships are legalized.

Bringing Up Children That Aren’t Tainted Mentally

All over the world, homosexual couples experience stigma. But, this stigma isn’t limited to them. When same sex couples decide to raise children together, these children often become the subject of bullying, stigma, and ridicule in their schools and other social spaces. As a result, these children may have to bear with the psychological burden of this mental torture.

The best way of dealing with this issue and bringing up mentally untainted children raised by same sex couples in this situation is to legalize same sex relationships and marriages. When parents are denied their rightful civil rights, so are their children. These children, because they’re used to ill-treatment, may even turn out to be bullies themselves. Ensuring gender equality almost guarantees that we secure the generations that follow.

Economic Boost For the Society

Marriage in general offers the entire society a significant economic boost to the society. So then, why not legalize same sex marriage to offer the same benefits to the society? The wedding industry is a big industry. Legalizing same sex relationships and marriages to that effect allows creation of businesses that will cater to this specific community and will result in more benefits to the community.

Most LGBT people spend a lot of their time in activism to gain basic equality just like their heterosexual counterparts. Consequently, with so much time being spent on events that steer their agenda towards this, they are left less productive when it comes to economic activities. Legalizing same sex marriages and relationships ensures that members of the LGBT community are free to do the things that matter in uplifting their way of life.

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