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  • Raghav

    December 30, 2021 at 11:31 am
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    It was in 2017 that I went to my first gay party, i think i saw it online and told a couple of other friends and we planned to go together. One of them didn’t turn up, so it was just me and K. We were excited and spoke to the organizer about the location, Kitty Su.
    There was a drag performance by Roveena Tampon, yummy food, daaru was bit expensive, but there was a post party gathering. K and I went to the post party house party, which was even more fun! First hour was slow and a lot of us were already tipsy and someone started music.
    And then the dancing started, uff! Lot of them knew each other and there were two other men who were also new and we all started dancing together. One of them was hitting on me, but unfortunately, poor thing wasn’t my type. In the morning all four of us got breakfast and exchanged numbers! We all are still friends and catch up once in a while, and go to events together!