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  • Vidhya

    December 30, 2021 at 11:37 am
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    Sounds fun! I mostly went to house parties only. House parties with friends are always fun!
    My first one was just before the first lockdown, new year 2019. It was just my close friends from insta, four of us and it was the first time we all met in person, it was such a good feeling to be among loved ones at NY eve!! I don’t enjoy alcohol much, but the conversations were out of the world!
    After a couple of hours, we all went up to the terrace, just laid down on the floor and saw the stars! That time with them, ill never forget in life. We spoke about how our friendship grew over the last one year, cos we all had met online just the previous year and met only once in real. One friend, still stays with family, she was telling us about the kind of dysphoria she was feeling staying in the closet at home. We shared our own stories of our parents and relatives being transphobic in random conversations. It is painful how horrible family can get, but we bonded over the pain we face. The fun was when we talked about crushes, how we stalk them on ig and dreaming of the day we meet them in person, lol dreaming a bit too much!!. This is my closest bunch of friends and we’ve seen each other thru so much in the last one year, just that we don’t get to meet in person that much now. I miss it so much now!!