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  • Ramya

    December 30, 2021 at 9:29 pm
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    I have not started working yet and reading about just policies and news about policy changes I feel is not always helpful to understand if the company is inclusive or not I feel. I think for me, inclusive means if people don’t assume that I will have a boyfriend I mean I can have a girl friend also right? And all the time asking when I will get married. I already hear all this in college and there are already few girls in my class who are married. people around me should not be weird if said I have a girl friend, same as how I don’t behave weird when they say they have a boy friend.
    Right now in college im out to three of my closest friends and we discuss everything. I tell them about my crushes and sometimes we sit and swipe on dating apps together. It is so much fun with them and there is trust and safety with them.