What Does Omnisexual Mean?

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We’ve been discussing different gender identities and sexual orientation. It’s clear that some identities and orientations in the LGBTQIA+ community are more common that others. To ensure that the lesser- known ones are recognized, it’s vital to constantly remind ourselves of their existence by learning as much as we can about them. 
As we mentioned before in some of the earlier articles exploring sexual orientation, there are many different orientations. And one we don’t give much attention to is omnisexuality. In this article, we will seek to explain what omnisexuality is and how different it is to other sexual orientations. 

Omnisexuality Meaning

People that identify as omnisexual are attracted to individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Omnisexuality is under the multisexuality umbrella that includes individuals attracted to multiple genders. The multisexuality umbrella houses ominisexual people, as well as polysexuals, pansexuals, and bisexuals. 

Like other sexual orientations, there’s no one way to identify as omnisexual. The term ‘omnisexual’ and ‘pansexual’ are often used interchangeably. However, they both have different meanings. Omnisexual people often find that others confuse their orientation with other sexual orientations under the multisexuality umbrella. 

As a result of this, there are those that may conform to a label that other people feel more familiar with. To understand omnisexuality better, we need to look at the differences between omnisexuality and pansexuality. 

Key Differences Between Omnisexuality Vs. Pansexuality

As we’ve mentioned below, the above two terms are closely related but also have differences. Omnisexuals are not blind to the gender of others, will recognize their gender potential, and are attracted to people of all genders. Pansexuality on the other hand, refers to an attraction to other people without the notice or recognition of their gender. 
To put it more simply, while pansexual people are gender-blind, omnisexual people aren’t. Nevertheless, while omnisexual people may recognize or acknowledge the gender of the people they’re romantically attracted to, gender doesn’t play a big role when it comes to choosing a partner.

Some Common Myths About Omnisexuality

Like other people under the multisexuality umbrella, omnisexual people are often the victims of intolerance concerning their sexual orientation or identity. It isn’t easy to find any information or literature about omnisexuality. Even though people might not understand or recognize omnisexuality, they will still go ahead and try to put them into a category that they find to be more familiar. 

You can easily find information about other orientations such as pansexuality or bisexuality under the multisexuality umbrella. In addition, there are guides that explain bias-free language that use terms such as omnisexual, multisexual, and in place for each other without taking note that there are differences. 

Since there’s not much information about omnisexuality, this can cause some confusion. People may have difficulties recognizing where they fall on the sexuality spectrum without clear information about the distinct different identities. It can take experience, time, or be difficult for one to realize or confirm that they identify as omnisexual as opposed to a different sexual orientation. Omnisexual people, like others under the multisexual umbrella, often experience misconceptions about their identity.

One of the main myths surrounding omnisexual people is that they don’t have the ability to settle with one person. However, this isn’t true. Omnisexual people are as capable as others to settle down in monogamous relationships. There’s also the misconception omnisexual people are promiscuous since they’re attracted to people of all genders. This also, isn’t true. 

Individuals that are comfortable and confident about identifying as omnisexual could share their experiences with their identity with other members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Sharing such vital information is a vital way of clearing up such misconceptions about the true meaning of being omnisexuals. Sharing such information will also help people that are still working out their sexual identities.

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