What is a “Referral Network” and how does it work?

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Referral Network is a way to see who is connected to you without linking any of your social accounts or email databases or mobile contact lists.
So, how do you see people you are connected to? Simple, pass on your referral code to friends who might be interested in joining the app. When they join you would be able to see them as your connection.
When the friends you refer to, refer more people, you will also be able to see them as your “2nd” level connections.
This way you will know if a member is part of your extended friend circle.
Don’t worry we will still verify each and every person who joins AYA.

Where is my referral code?

It is under Menu > Refer & Connect.

How will I see my Referral Network?

In the Browse section you switch on to view “My Referral Network only”. Else you will see everyone who matches you including your network.

How will i know who has signed up using my code?

Check the referral activity on the “Refer & Connect” Page under “Summary”.

Will I get free days for people who sign up via the person I recommended?

You will get Free Premium plan days for people who sign up using your code only.

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