What is Agender?

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There are plenty of gender identities on the non-binary but we rarely give much attention to some of them. One of the most overlooked gender identities is ‘agender’. Let’s find out what agender means and how this identity might look like in practice.

The Basics
‘Agender’ refers to people who do not identify with any gender. To put it simply, agender means not having any gender. Some agender people may describe being agender as being gender neutral or ‘ lack of gender’. Some terms people can use to refer to agender include: 

  • Neutrois
  • Genderfree
  • Genderless and 
  • Genderblank
  • Agender people are under the transgender and nonbinary umbrellas.

What Agender May Look Like

The first thing we need to know about agender is that, just like other identitites, it may mean different things to a couple of agender individuals. Not all agender individuals want to transition through gender confirmation surgery or by taking hormones. Some of them prefer to stay as they are and prefer not to undergo medical transition. Keep in mind that transitioning isna personal choice and no one should have to be forced into transitioning just to prove their gender identity. Some agender people may decide to change their gender expression, pronouns, or their name to align with how they feel.

What Pronouns do Agender People Use?

An agender individual may choose to use they/them/theirs pronouns and others may prefer he/him or she/her pronouns. They could even use a mix of all the pronouns. This doesn’t matter because the pronouns one chooses isn’t necessarily determined by their gender identity. However, the best way to tell what someone’s preferred pronouns are is to ask them politely.

Is Agender Different From Genderqueer or Genderfluid? 

The non-binary umbrella defines a range of genders that don’t fit into the ‘female’ or ‘ male’ genders. Agender is included in the non-binary umbrella. But, not all non-binary people are considered agender. There are many other gender identities under the non-binary umbrella.  You can identify as two identities in the non-binary umbrella. For instance, you can identify as agender and genderfluid at the same time.
Remember that the terms anyone uses to describe their gender is dependent on their beliefs, feelings, and identity. Agender specifically refers to someone who doesn’t identify with a particular gender. One can choose to use the term agender in place of similar words we’ve mentioned previously such as gendervoid or genderless because they feel more connected to it than to similar terms.

How to Tell Whether The Term ‘Agender’ is For You

There’s no single term or test to tell whether someone is agender or not. It all depends on your identity and how you feel. Keep in mind that even if two people use the term ‘agender’, it could still mean different things for each of them and their experiences wouldn’t be the same. We should all learn to accept and validate our own and other people’s feelings and choices because they are as real as they can get.

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