What is bisexuality?

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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that refers to an attraction to two or more genders. People that identify as bisexual experience romantic and/or sexual attraction to people of their own and other genders. Even though this is a simple definition of what bisexuality is, bisexual people, like those of other sexual orientations and gender identities are diverse.
Each bisexual individual has their own interpretation of their sexual orientation. Some bisexual individuals experience an equal attraction to both women and men. On the other hand, others may experience a stronger attraction to one gender over the other. A bisexual person might alternate between a heterosexual or same-sex relationships or be in a long-term relationship. 

Is bisexual and pansexual the same thing?
People often confuse bisexuality and pansexuality. Pansexuality refers to an attraction to all genders. This may include transgender, non-binary, agender, cisgender, or other gender non-conforming people. While these descriptions may sound similar, they aren’t. Bisexual is an attraction to multiple genders and pansexual individuals are attracted to all genders on the spectrum. However, in the end, all that matters is an individual’s preference to the term they feel describes them the most. 

Does bisexuality refer to a fluid sexuality?
It’s easy to confuse bisexuality with fluid sexuality. Sexually fluid people may define their sexuality differently depending on the person or situation at hand or over time. 

So, it the same as queer sexuality?
Queer sexuality refers to a variety of non-straight, and non-traditional sexual orientation. It also refers to non-traditional and non-binary expressions of gender. 

Common misconceptions about bisexuality
There are many misconceptions about bisexuality. These misconceptions may result in biphobia, or prejudice against bisexual people. Keep in mind that such prejudices and misconceptions might happen outside and within the LGBTQ community. Let’s look at them.

Bisexual people only date cisgender women or men
Even if ‘bi’ means two, bisexuality is more than attraction to two genders. Bisexual people experience attraction their gender and others as well.

Bisexual people are in denial or confused
One of the most pervasive notions about bisexual people is that they will eventually choose a side and become either lesbian or bisexual. However, bisexuality isn’t experimental, a fad, or transitional. It is a valid identity like any other. Even though one’s gender identity might change and they identify as lesbian or gay, this doesn’t mean bisexuality isn’t a valid identity. 

Bisexual people will cheat
There’s no link between sexual preference and promiscuity. There’s no evidence to prove that bisexual people will cheat on their partners due to their sexual orientation. Bisexual people are as capable as being loyal to their partners as much as anyone else.

Only women can be bisexual
Even though women are more open about their bisexuality, there are men who are bisexuals. Most people will only accept women more for being bisexual rather than men and this could be the reason why men aren’t as open about their bisexuality.
While it may look like there aren’t as many bisexual men as there are women, the main reason could be the social stigma related to coming out as a bisexual man.

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