What You Should Know About Dating a Bisexual

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Bisexual men and women are often one of the misunderstood groups in the LGBTQ spectrum. Do you remember a few years back when Katy Perry proudly declared to the world that she kissed a girl and liked it? Almost all social media forums were buzzing with news of her revelation.

Unfortunately, even with the LGBTQ community making great strides in recent years, there are still many, and untrue assumptions about bisexual individuals. If you’ve fallen in love with a bisexual man or woman, it would be great if you had more information about them to clear up the air. Here’s what you need to know.

They Aren’t Cheaters
Well, declaring that all bisexual people are cheaters just because they’re attracting to multiple sexual orientations is plain wrong. That’s like saying all people in India live in Delhi. What is right though, is the fact that bisexuals are just as capable of monogamy as you and I. In fact, just because they are attracted to different sexual orientations doesn’t mean they want to sleep with everyone in the room. Bisexual people can be picky too. Keep in mind that cheating is an individual issue rather than a ‘group’ dilemma.

Believe That They’re Bisexual
When a bisexual person tells you about their sexual orientation, believe it. and, no, you can’t ‘turn’ them. It would be rude to think that you can. Consider this for a minute, if a lesbian, gay, or transgender person told you about their sexual orientation, would you question it? On the other hand, no one asks straight people whether they’re sure they’re really straight, so the same standards should apply across the board.
Also, keep in mind that they aren’t going through a ‘phase’ or in ‘confusion’. Even if they’ve been in a long-term relationship with a man, or a woman, they’re still bisexual. Their sexual orientation is who they are and all bisexual people should be allowed to be who they truly are.

Being Bisexual Isn’t Your Ticket To Threesomes
Just because they’re bisexual doesn’t mean that they’re into having threesomes. There’s nothing as bad as fetishizing someone’s sexual orientation so don’t do it. Don’t automatically assume that because they’re attracted to two or more genders, that’s your cue to ask for anything under the sun and your wish will be granted. Early on in the relationship, it would be best if you opened up channels of communication so you can get to know them better. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are many bisexual people who prefer and enjoy vanilla sex.

You May Feel Overwhelmed
This is true in so many ways. You may need a little patience when dealing with your bisexual partner. There’s so much they may go through that you probably don’t understand. For instance, your partner may be dealing with identity erasure. No one wants to identify them with their true sexual orientation and would rather assume they’re either straight or gay depending on the partner they’re with. Even so, keep in mind that you’re dealing with a real person. They have feelings, they laugh and they cry. All that matters is that you’re crazy about them and they’re crazy about you.

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