Why are LGBT people not accepted by society?

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First of all, we must understand that Legal sanctions help mainly in the area of law and order. It does not guarantee any kind of social acceptance. Whenever a new law is passed in any part of the world, it takes a while to sink in among the masses. It will be too optimistic to believe that because a certain Law looks after the LGBTQ rights it automatically brews a sense of approval among the people of that particular country. However, the good news is that in democracies, acceptance has a strong link with legal inclusiveness.

In this case acceptance can be defined as the extent to which LGBT people are seen by individuals in society in ways that are positive and inclusive, both with respect to individual opinions about LGBT people and with regard to an individual’s positions on LGBT policy.

Even in the 21st century, in many countries, being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) means living with daily discrimination. While there is a rise in the acceptance of homosexuals and bisexuals there is still a lot of holding back when it comes to transgenders.

It is important for a LGBTQ person to walk tall, be financially independent and most of all love oneself. Once a person whether straight or from the LGBTQ community appears confident and not hankering for validations from the society, people automatically stop bullying. In fact, in some cases over a period of time, they start to admire the individual.

In countries where freedom of the press is greater, the relationship between acceptance and legal inclusiveness is stronger. In countries with the lowest levels of press freedom, the relationship does not exist. Most often when leaders, writers, musicians et al speak up on behalf of the LGBTQ community, it does have an impact on the common masses. They begin to think differently.

Sometimes if someone from a social circle is friendly to a LGBTQ, it becomes easier for others from that same group to accept the person with a different sexual orientation.

There are organisations like Amnesty doing a lot to promote LGBTI right. They state, ‘We are committed to standing up to discrimination against LGBTI people around the world. We give recommendations to governments and other influential leaders on how to improve laws and protect people’s rights regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity’.

The silver lining here lies in the fact that the generation next is much more accepting of the community. We all have one life, live it. Do not be too concerned about social acceptance. Give that time. Wait. Be patient and it will happen.

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