Why LGBTQ Therapy Services Are Important

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We all experience struggles with our bodies at one point or the other. But, transgender women and men all around the world face a unique condition known as gender dysphoria. To put it simply, gender dysphoria is the conflict between someone’s assigned or physical gender and the gender they identify with. Gender dysphoria is only one of many issues the transgender community has to face daily.

As more people feel comfortable enough to come out or identify as transgender, LGBT therapy that mainly focuses on the transgender population is essential in ensuring these individuals can pull through potentially life threatening and significant issues.

How LGBT Therapy Can Help
In most cases, transgender individuals begin by figuring out if they’re transgender. Navigating this period can be extremely difficult especially if one finds themselves all alone. When you don’t know whether the therapist you’re seeing supports the transgender community, bringing up your issues to them can prove to be intimidating. This is why finding a trans therapist is vital. A great therapist can help you workout through your concerns and your feelings. 

It is vital that doctors who provide hormone therapy for their transgender clientele looking to physically change their gender identity consult with a trans therapist before they can attempt the surgery. But, it’s also important to acknowledge that not all trans people looking for a therapist also want to go through gender-confirmation surgery.

In India, a lot of transgender individuals have felt first-hand rejection from their families and have gone through physical and verbal abuse by the society. In addition, countless more continue to face workplace discrimination, and others have also been refused medical attention or faced discrimination in a medical facility. 

This alone shows exactly why it’s essential to have an understanding transgender therapist. A verified transgender therapist can assist one to heal the wounds they’ve encountered from trying to be who they are. A big number of transgender individuals aren’t offered support from the people around them and would greatly benefit from experiencing transgender therapy.

Gay or transgender individuals seeking therapists should always remember that even if they choose their first therapist, if they don’t match up to their expectations, then they shouldn’t be committed to continue the sessions. It’s ok to try out another therapist if you feel uncomfortable with the one you chose. In the LGBT community, trust isn’t easy to develop. As a result, mental progression will highly rely on the bond you have with your therapist. 

You should also be aware that there’s a significant difference between gay and transgender therapy whose aim is to provide support to individuals of the LGBT community and conversion therapy which, is in most cases, an attempt by religious affiliates to ‘convert’ LGBT individuals into the heterosexual lifestyle. If you’re seeking a transgender or gay therapist, ensure that you’re careful to know the difference and what your therapist can do for you. Gay and transgender therapy is an essential tool for members of the LGBT community looking to achieve good mental health. 

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